Differentiation and explicit teaching in English

TeachingACEnglish is a rich, practical and contemporary professional resource to support teachers and school leaders implementing the Australian Curriculum: English from Foundation to year 10.

This collection of video snapshots – or vignettes – illustrates ideas, approaches and strategies for teaching, learning and assessment.

The vignettes demonstrate approaches to differentiation and aspects of explicit teaching about a select group of content descriptions for reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

About this resource

These vignettes are illustrations of classroom action, professional conversations and school-wide implementation strategies. The focus is Australian Curriculum: English reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar from Foundation to year 10.

These vignettes:

  • provide a stimulus for professional learning conversations
  • expand a teacher's repertoire of pedagogical practices
  • demonstrate clear and unambiguous teaching
  • demonstrate a variety of ways to personalise student learning that are manageable for teachers and engaging for students
  • illustrate contemporary classroom scenes and stories of educators delivering the Australian Curriculum: English.

It is acknowledged that the three strands of the Australian Curriculum: English – Language, Literature and Literacy – are interrelated and inform and contribute to the study of English and its own distinctive goals, body of knowledge, history of ideas and interests. Many vignettes are therefore relevant to a range of content descriptions within the described teaching and learning contexts. However, in each vignette, specific content descriptions, or parts of them, provide a focus for the demonstrated teaching and learning.

In the Australian Curriculum, essential skills for twenty-first century learners – identified in the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA 2008) – are expressed through the seven general capabilities that are taught and assessed within each learning area. The tags used in the Australian Curriculum to indicate the specific general capabilities within each content description are also used throughout this resource. There is no direct reference to the general capabilities within the vignettes.  Cross curriculum priorities are not identified in this vignette series.

Using this resource

The vignettes exemplify approaches to differentiation or explicit teaching.


  1. Select the Differentiation or Explicit teaching tab.
  2. Then select the Reading, Spelling or Punctuation and grammar tab.
  3. Now select a year level or area of interest using the left navigation.