Spelling and sound and letter knowledge

These vignettes demonstrate differentiated teaching and learning about spelling and sound and letter knowledge of the Australian Curriculum: English.

In the Australian Curriculum: English, the content descriptions about spelling knowledge, understanding and skills from Foundation to year 10 appear in the Language strand within the sub-strand of Expressing and developing ideas. They progress from an early focus on sound–letter knowledge, spelling rules and knowledge of irregular spelling; to applying spelling knowledge, such as etymological knowledge, to spell unusual and technical words.

Spelling knowledge includes graphophonic, morphemic, visual and etymological knowledge. Development of knowledge and evidence of understanding and skills about spelling knowledge is cumulative across the curriculum, from Foundation, where students learn about using onset and rime to spell words, to the secondary years where students use knowledge about word origins and nominalisation to spell words.

These vignettes demonstrate approaches to differentiating teaching and learning about spelling, gathered from a range of contexts across the years of schooling.

Based on Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) materials.